Austria gets taste of Finnish premium spirits

Austria gets taste of Finnish premium spirits: Significant market entry for alcohol export cluster

Finpro has assisted six Finnish producers of alcoholic beverages to land in the Austrian market. This significant joint market entry, introducing 25 premium products to the demanding market, paves the way for establishing a strong market position.

Until now, Finnish alcoholic beverages have rarely been available in Austria. Getting 25 products, including premium Finnish gin, vodka and whiskey, to the assortment of Austrian importer and wholesaler, Killis Getränke, is a very important market opening. Killis Getränke is selling the Finnish offering to restaurants and bars around the country. In addition, Austrian consumers can also find the products from its two shops in Vienna or via its web shop.

All six companies now available at Killis (Altia, The Helsinki Distilling Company, Kyrö Distillery, Northern Lights Spirits, Shaman Spirits and Teerenpeli), belong to the premium alcohol export cluster of Finpro’s Food from Finland program.

"The market entry was successful thanks to Finpro's Market Opportunities work, the Food from Finland program and, of course, the fine Finnish products perfectly branded to suit international markets and produced from the world's cleanest water and raw materials,” says Lili Lehtovuori, Global Opportunity Leader for Food Industry at Finpro.


Added value with joint offering

According to Ernst Killmeyer, CEO of Killis Getränke, the company is not interested in bulk products. They focus on marketing and selling rare and premium products to restaurants and bars in Austria. Killmeyer is very pleased with the co-operation with Finpro, the Finnish Embassy in Vienna and the Finnish companies.

“It was really beneficial that the Finnish offering was presented to us as a whole. We were able to choose those products that suit our selection and get all the chosen products delivered to us with a single transportation.”

Ernst Killmeyer presenting Teerenpeli products at one of Killis’ stores. Image: The Embassy of Finland in Vienna

Extensive work continues

In Austria, one of the key trends in the alcoholic beverages market is the consumer tendency to drink less but with a focus on more expensive premium products. Finnish companies’ modern and innovative offering is a perfect match for the Austrian demand for premium products with pure tastes.

In order to boost Finnish companies’ fine start in Austria, Finpro is continuing active promotion. A good example of this ongoing work is the Finnish Spirits promotion event in Vienna. The “Finnish Speed dating” event, arranged by Finpro on May 8, 2017, was targeted to bartenders, bar owners and journalists. Professionals interested in Finnish spirits had a chance to enjoy the high-quality offering, hear the stories behind the brands and meet Finnish companies.

“Finnish spirits are new on the Austrian market, and the challenge is to raise awareness among bars, restaurants and consumers. Joint marketing and match-making the excellent Finnish companies with relevant players here in Austria play a pivotal role in the promotion work,” tells Sanna Sipilä-Axnix, the Finpro Advisor who organized the promotion event.

Read more about the Finnish Speed dating event in Vienna (news in Finnish).

The participants at the Finnish Speed Dating event on May 8 had a chance to enjoy Altia,
The Helsinki Distilling Company, Kyrö Distillery Company and Shaman Spirits beverages.
Image: The Embassy of Finland in Vienna


The speed dating concept proved to be very successful. Image: Kitchen Consulting

Kyrö Distillery Company's Napue gin - best in the world in the Gin and Tonic category of the
International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWCS) in 2015. Image: The Embassy of Finland in Vienna


The Helsinki Distilling Company’s Helsinki Dry Gin has been awarded as The Spirit of the Year in 2016 and in 2017 in
Destille Berlin, the leading craft spirits fair and competition in Europe. Image: The Embassy of Finland in Vienna

Shaman Spirits has launched a Laplandia Vodka Cocktail app, featuring a Cocktail of the Week and
a comprehensive list of other extraordinary drinks with their instructions and pictures. Image: Kitchen Consulting