China Compliance Coaching Day 28.3.2018

China Compliance Coaching Day 28.3.2018
28-03-2018 - 29-03-2018

Target Country: China  – Export licenses, legislation, trademark registration and IPR
What a food stuff company needs to know before starting an export business to China

With a population of over 1.3 billion, China has emerged as the world’s largest consumer market for food and beverage (F&B). The world’s second-largest economy is well on track to hit its target of doubling GDP and per capita income by 2020 from 2010. Especially the e-commerce is growing rapidly. The national online retail sales of goods and services were 32% higher than a year ago (Q1/2017).

However, China is extremely challenging target market what comes to food stuff export. Prior to setting up the export activity, it is important to understand the legislation, rules for the export and trade mark protection practices. All imported foodstuffs and beverages are subject to inspections by the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ). This can be a complicated and challenging process, requiring time, investments and documentation. Accessing up-to-date information on quarantine requirements such as labelling and packaging requirements, Chinese national food standards and allowable ingredient listings is proven challenging to Finnish F&B manufacturers.

To tackle these issues, Food from Finland- and Finnish Food Innovations –programmes arrange a training day on Export to China. This is a good opportunity for companies to learn more export related issues, such as permitted nutrition facts, Chinese labelling and CIQ registration.

The workshop takes place on March 28, 9.00 am - 4:00pm, at Business Finland Helsinki office (Porkkalankatu 1, 00180 Helsinki). The event is free of charge.

On the next day March 29 companies have a possibility to have 1to1-meeting with Eibens Consulting and/or with F-One. Please book your time slot upon registration.

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9:00-09:30 Registration and coffee
09:30-09:45 Opening words from Food from Finland & Finnish Food Innovations
  Esa Wrang, Head of Food from Finland program, Business Finland
  J-P Inkinen, Program Manager, Finnish Food Innovations
  Fan Cuilu, Advisor, Business Finland
09:45–10:15 Evira´s role in export to China
  Joni Haapanen, Senior Officer, EVIRA
10:15–11:15 Introduction to Chinese compliance
  Hui Tong, General Manager and Qingjing Mao, Director of Compliance, F-One Supply Chain Management Ltd
11:15–12:00 Lunch break (at the participants’ own expense)
12:00–13:00 Introduction to Chinese compliance continues…
13:00–13:30 Trademark registration and IPR
  Jani Kaulo, Associate Partner, Head of Asian Market,
Kolster Ltd.
13.30–13:45 Coffee break
13:45–15:45  Sales channel structure and marketing investment in China
  Pablo Recio, Eibens Consulting



About F-One Supply Chain Management Ltd
Established in 2015, with experts working in F&B compliance and import business for over 10 years, F-one Supply Chain Management Ltd. has successfully imported 26 categories of products through compliance operations. With extensive experience in goods import, F-one is able to perform compliance review for overseas brand owners in advance and get the qualified products cleared through the customs and imported to China. Their client includes Walmart, Materna and DAH CHANG HONG.

Hui Tong, General Manager, has been working in international trade field in China for 14 years. Ms.Tong spent 7 years in dealing with Chinese customs and CIQ, as well as 4 years’ experience in helping many importers in China, such as Wal-mart, Dah Chong Hong, SFBest and Yihai Kerry, import high-quality food and cosmetics from all over the world to China. Ms.Tong will give a presentation on the overall export process and use an example to demonstrate each step in export to China.

Qingjing Mao, Director of Compliance, majored in biochemical engineering in her post-graduate study and studied pharmacy in her doctoral program. After that, she worked as national quality department manager in Dia and Watson for many years. She also worked for third-party consulting companies engaged in food and cosmetics import. With 20 years of working experience, she is really an expert in this field. Dr.Mao will talk about Chinese regulations on food import and will give some examples to illustrate what to do.

Evira´s export program for SME companies
Evira acts as the central competent authority in veterinary export issues and is responsible for co-operation with the officials of third countries on animal disease and food safety issues ja market access questionnaires. Food companies that export their food products to non-EU countries may have to fulfil export conditions that exceed the requirements laid down in EU and Finnish regulations.

Evira has launched a program (2016-2018) designed to promote the export skills of Finnish small and medium-sized businesses in the food sector through provision of advice, training and guidance. The goals of the program are to increase the understanding and knowledge of small and medium-sized businesses as concerns regulatory requirements related to export of food products and to map out the export conditions applied to specific product groups in third countries.

Joni Haapanen, Senior Officer, M.Sc. (Food Science), has been working in field of export and import of animal based products for 12 years, first in the Ministry of Agriculture and the last 11 years in the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. He is an expert on export veterinary certification, export control and co-operation with authorities in the destination countries

About Kloster Ltd.
Jani Kaulo is heading Kolster China Desk™. Kolster is one of the leading IP law firms in Europe with its 143 years’ experience and with more than 100 employees working in the field of IPRs.
Jani counsels Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises on intellectual property right matters concerning internationalization as well as manages trademark portfolios of big companies internationally. He is one of the firm’s experienced senior trade mark practitioners and deals with contentious work and is head of its Asia practice (source: MIP IP Stars survey 2017). Jani is highly appreciated for his customer-friendly approach. Jani provides legal advice to Chinese companies in particular on protecting trademarks in Europe as well as to Finnish companies on protecting intellectual property rights and contract related issues in East Asia, especially in China. In the WTR 1000 survey (2017), Jani is described as ”an authority on protecting intellectual property in East Asia where clients value his “rich experience, smart communication and prompt responses”.  
Jani frequently lectures in seminars and trainings and writes articles related to anti-counterfeiting, European Union trademark law, Chinese IP law and contract law. Jani’s clients represent virtually every major industry, such as business consulting, education, sports, entertainment, technology, construction, heavy machinery, automotive, textile, retail, fashion, luxury and consumer goods and food and beverages.

About Eibens Consulting
Mr. Pablo Recio has lived and worked in China since 2005. During this time he has developed a strong knowledge of the Chinese market, in particular relating to food and beverage import and distribution processes and trade barriers, from both a legal and commercial standpoint; and attracting Chinese investment into specific projects or regions. Currently, he is the managing director of Eibens, company stablished in China in 2005. It has two offices in Madrid and Beijing. It is focused on the Food and Beverage sector, working with EU SMEs, International trade promotions agencies and public companies. Services include all steps from training, to market intelligence, market entry or commercial follow up.