Stories behind the Finnish recipes inspired by the four seasons

Taste leads to creativity of chef Eero Vottonen

Eero Vottonen is one of the leading chefs in the Finnish culinary scene. Nominated and award-winning professional in cooking contests in Finland and abroad, he has now only one clear target in his mind – to win the world's most recognized contest for chefs, the Bocuse D’Or competition in January 2017 in Lyon, France.

Vottonen is known from strong yet pure tastes that he creates. He explains that the inspiration for his work lies in his Finnish roots, especially in the childhood food memories where ingredients were pure and the dishes well prepared.

It is no wonder that only carefully chosen quality ingredients end up to Vottonen's kitchen today. Those who have had the pleasure to taste his cooking know how heavenly tastes he is able to create out of these. When you ask about Vottonen's personal favourites he names mushrooms, potatoes, onions, white fish and crayfish among them.

"The principals for cooking at the fine dining restaurant and home are the same," states Vottonen. Delicious food is based to the same idea, to bring the best out of your fresh ingredients.


To enjoy some delicious meals, try out these seasonal Finnish recipes by chef Vottonen, available here on the website:

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Eero Vottonen
Born 1983, lives in Helsinki, Finland
Coach for the Bocuse D’Or Team Finland 2014-2015
Bocuse d'Or candidate representing Finland in Lyon 2017