Spring recipes

"Whitefish and sour cream flavoured with gin and dill"

Finnish gin is a sterling spirit and also our new export success story. In this recipe the infallible combination of gin, dill and juniper berries transports the whitefish to a new dimension. The dish is perfect as the crowning glory of a May Day brunch or the star turn of a Spring soirée.



600 g boneless whitefish fillets with skins
0.25 dl sugar
0.25 dl salt
4 sprigs of dill
0.5 dl Finnish gin
10 crushed juniper berries

Mix the sugar, salt, chopped dill, gin and crushed juniper berries. Place the whitefish fillets in a dish and spread the salt mixture on top. Cover with baking paper and leave to stand for three hours. Wipe the fillets and cut into thin slices.

Sour cream

1 dl whipping cream
100 g smetana
1 tbsp spirit vinegar
Black pepper

Whisk the cream and smetana into a foam and season with the vinegar and ground black pepper. Serve the whitefish and sour cream with a good malt loaf.


Read about chef behind these recipes, Eero Vottonen, here.