Summer recipes

"Berries, goat milk yoghurt and spruce buds"

There's nothing that compares to Finnish forest berries, they are the best in the world. "As a child I used to pick bilberries and strawberries in a cup from the forest near our cottage. At home I would just add some milk in the cup. It's a tradition that still continues with my own children," tells chef Eero Vottonen. Berries and milk – what an excellent local food!

In this recipe the goat's milk yoghurt adds a lively earthy flavour to the dish but normal plain yoghurt also works just fine.


Berry and cream pudding

1.5 dl cream
1.25 dl milk
1 tbsp Finnish berry powder (bilberry or lingonberry)
50 g sugar
2 gelatine sheets
120 g goat’s milk yoghurt

Soak the gelatine sheets in cold water. Heat the milk, cream, sugar and berry powder almost to the boil. Squeeze the softened gelatine sheets dry and add to the mixture. Let the mixture cool and add the goat’s milk yoghurt. Divide the mixture into serving dishes and place in the fridge to congeal.

Berry and spruce bud compote

200 g fresh berries (bilberries, lingonberries)
About 1 tbsp crushed spruce buds
0.25 dl Finnish bilberry wine or liqueur

Mix the berries, spruce buds and bilberry wine or liqueur. Leave to infuse for two hours in a cold place. Serve the berries with the pudding. Tip: you can also make the compote without the spruce buds if they are not available.


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