Nordic location

Finland is the northernmost country to practise versatile farming and food production techniques. Our country is located as far north as South Greenland, Alaska and Northern Siberia. Our long summer days and arctic midnight sun enhance the unique flavour of vegetables, herbs, berries and other ingredients.


Pure environment

Finnish food gets is flavours from the pure environment. The Finnish soil, waters and air are the cleanest in Europe, enhancing the taste of the ingredients. Our northern climate allows our farmers to use far less chemical pesticides than do their counterparts in other countries. 


Uncomplicated food culture 

The taste of Finnish food is simple and fresh. We use preparation methods that cherish the clean flavours of food. With Eastern and Western influences, we have evolved into a modern, resourceful and delicious food country. 


Long traditions of food preparation

Production is based on family farms that have taken care of their fields for generations. State-of-the-art farming technology, latest equipment and integral co-operation between farmers and industry are our assets, ensuring the good quality.