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Finnish Food and Beverage Companies
Naturally delicious. Wild forest berry products, mushrooms, bakery and mill products, free from food, dairy products, alcoholic beverages and more. We have listed the most interesting Finnish food and drinks producers and business partners in the f&d production.
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Read the Food from Finland magazine online

Food from Finland Magazine: Your guide on Finnish food and drinks Food Innovations, unique tastes, premium drinks and safe food. Healthy and tasty food is...

Austria gets taste of Finnish premium spirits

Austria gets taste of Finnish premium spirits: Significant market entry for alcohol export cluster Finpro has assisted six Finnish producers of...

Free-from food innovations from Finland

Free-from food innovations from Finland The free-from foods revolution is sweeping across supermarket shelves, restaurants and kitchens worldwide, fueling...

Stories behind the Finnish recipes inspired by the four seasons

Taste leads to creativity of chef Eero Vottonen Eero Vottonen is one of the leading chefs in the Finnish culinary scene. Nominated and award-winning...

Spring recipes

"Whitefish and sour cream flavoured with gin and dill" Finnish gin is a sterling spirit and also our new export success story. In this recipe the infallible...

Summer recipes

"Berries, goat milk yoghurt and spruce buds" There's nothing that compares to Finnish forest berries, they are the best in the world. "As a child I used to...

Autumn recipes

"Oatmeal and forest mushrooms" Finnish oats work well in many different kinds of recipes. "One of my own favourites is oatmeal bread. In this recipe I...

Winter recipes

"Pork cheek stewed in porter with celeriac puree" "One of my earliest memories related to food is a brown hare roast served at my grandmother's house. It was...

BITE Copenhagen 30. - 31.8.2018

BITE Copenhagen 30. - 31.8.2018
30-08-2018 - 31-08-2018

Welcome to join us at the Finland booth at BITE COPENHAGEN exhibition 30.-31.8.2018


Bite Copenhagen is a global B-to-B food & drink exhibition that focuses especially on innovative, organic and sustainable products. 130 entrepreneurs and gastronomic frontrunners from all over the world showcase their take on future food solutions at Bella Center, Copenhagen on 30.-31.8. Food from Finland takes the quality products to the show for the first time. Welcome onboard!

Bite Copenhagen is not just a food exhibition, but a platform for inspiration inregards to newest food trends and technologies.

Bite Copenhagen connects also with The World Food Summit – Better Food for More People. This means decision makers and media attention will also be present.  

Read more about the trade fair here
Food from Finland will build a 54 m2 country booth at Bite Copenhagen.


More information:
Tiina Luoma, Senior Program Coordinator, Business Finland Oy
tiina.luoma(a), +358 50 464 3385